This page lists the requirements for version 0.7

The major focus of this version is a change to the frontend translation interface of Transposh


  1. display both original and translation
  2. allow editing of translation
  3. get suggestions from various translation engines
  4. virtual keyboard
  5. view translation history, and allow deletion for certain users, revert to
  6. show other language translations of original
    • Allow setting other language as default
  7. go to next/previous translation
  8. combine phrases of certain types (don't cross <p> boundaries, dont mess with links and images, make sure they are places using [1] shortcuts)
  9. allow meta editing
    • url parts editing
  10. show translation statistic
  11. approve translation, quarantine
  12. easy ui non cluttered
    • Themeable to suit one's site
    • Can be localized
  13. facebook/google/twitter/site account integration

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