The terms for removing the logo are simple.

You grant the right to the Transposh software and plugin to replace upto 5% of your advertising space and affiliation links with its own referral code
This will only be done on translated pages, and only when you choose to remove the link to Transposh from the widget.
It is done by choosing a number between 1 to 100 and only executing said code when result is above 95.

You don't want your ads messed with? Just don't remove the logo. We know that you can probably edit the code, but this is a way for you to do that.

You have no ads on your pages? Your gain.

The money that this feature will (hopefully) make, will go into the enhancement and improvement of the product.

These terms may change between versions, as we are experimenting, so please make sure to look at this page once in a while.

Last modified 8 years ago Last modified on 07/29/10 17:36:05